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Credit Photo @Renaud Salmon


Demi Rawling and Pierre-Louis Berrier; two fragrance lovers from opposite sides of the world joined forces to create a new platform dedicated to perfumery… Sniff!



The initial concept was to create a tool that could be used by the consumer to find their perfect scent; After analyzing the market, the pair decided to expand on the original idea, leading them to create the ultimate fragrance platform that never existed. An online space to learn, discover and connect all in the palm of your hand.




After meeting at a fragrance exhibition in 2019, the pair decided to go all-in to co-create Sniff. Shortly after, their business idea was accepted into a Governmental UAE incubator, In5 Tech. Four years later, Sniff launched in January 2023 and the rest will be fragrance history.




Demi is known for her presence in the online fragrance community acquiring a large following over the last 6 years, becoming the number one female reviewer. Her authentic reviews gain popularity and encourage a genuine connection with her audience. Demi collaborates with many prestigious brands amongst niche and designer and in 2020 launched her own fragrance in collaboration with an independent niche brand.


Pierre-Louis inherited his passion from his family’s notoriety in the fragrance industry. He moved abroad, eventually completing an international business masters in 2019. During his time abroad, Pierre-Louis gained experience in distribution, sales, marketing, and client relations; amassing extensive knowledge and understanding between markets.

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